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try 2Wendy Smith; Writer and Personal Coach.

Wendy is the author of number of books, articles and poems

Wendy, whose surname was Mason until her recent marriage, grew up in Walsall in the West Midlands in the UK. At the age of six she told her mother that one day she was going to be a writer and live in London. At 20 she got on the train to the capital.

For Wendy, London has always been the most exciting city in the world.

She trained as a nurse at the Royal Free Hospital, London. Before working as a writer and coach, she had a management career in the UK Civil Service and worked as an independent consultant with organizations like the BBC.

Wendy lives in London with her husband, Owen.

She is a writer of novels and poetry as well as ebooks, articles and blog posts about management, career, life style and personal development. Her books, are available on Amazon. (in the US Amazon)

Readers in other countries will find her books available on their local Amazon site.

You can find our more about the whole range of Wendy’s writing here at The Writing Wolf 

You can find out more about Wendy as a coach at this link

You can email Wendy at

Bragging rights

Wendy’s first novel, The Wolf Project, won five-star reviews on Amazon UK


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